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Updates on Ukraine

Sophie Alsmaan, Staff Writer June 4, 2024

Belarus began military drills on April 2, along the borders of Ukraine, Lithuania, and Poland, says the Russian ally’s defense ministry. The exercises were performed for the next three days in the Gomel...

Local man turned gay after seeing two men holding hands in public

Sydney Moriarty, Senior Editor in Chief April 1, 2024

The story below is satire and was written for April Fool's Day 2024. According to local resident, Zrayden Smith was just your ordinary man. Going out to bars on the weekends, watching thirty-six hours...

Donald Trump vs Joe Biden: What are their political stand points?

Aiden O'Connor, Staff Writer January 24, 2024

The president of the United States is easily the most important decision that the citizens get to be a part of. But at the same time, people do not like to educate themselves on the presidential candidates....

Ukraine Update

Alexander Jerebtsov, Staff Writer January 19, 2024

Although we haven't heard much from Ukraine as of late from a social media perspective, the war has not slowed down by any means. If anything, it's getting worse in terms of destruction. Russia hasn’t...

Update on U.S. Politics

Madeline Beatty, Staff Writer November 8, 2023

The United States experienced some unprecedented events recently, leaving us to wander into previously unexplored territory in our government and our world in relation to politics. From how the U.S. relates...

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Riley Kinzer, Staff Writer November 8, 2023

I’m sure you may have heard about the new relationship between multi-platinum, Grammy-winning, singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift and two-time Super Bowl-winning tight end, Travis Kelce, of the Kansas City...

What’s Next for Trump if He Goes For a Second Term?

Sophie Alsmaan, Staff Writer November 8, 2023

Trump is now making his most exciting vision yet for his second term, telling his supporters in the same language he used during his campaign to the January 6th attack on the US Capitol that they need...

Colorado Passes New Gun Laws

Sophie Alsmaan, StaffWriter May 18, 2023

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signed four new bills into action on April 28, 2023, raising the age requirement for gun possession and gun deliveries, now with a three-day waiting period before the delivery...

Mass Shooting in Atlanta

Alexis Gero and Aiden O'Connor May 18, 2023

On May 3rd of 2023, the 192nd mass shootings this year occurred. Deion Patterson, who was a U.S. Coast Guard veteran, is suspected of fatally shooting a woman and wounding four others in a medical waiting...

Mass Shooting in Texas

Alexis Gero and Aiden O'Connor May 18, 2023

The state of Texas has had a large amount of the mass shootings that we have seen in the United States. Over the last fourteen years, Texas has seen nine mass shootings. In the same week of the Atlanta...

Free Tutoring for High School Students

Abigail Cobb, Senior Editor April 24, 2023

As high school students progress in their educational careers, they find that their courses and course material accelerates. Students can find themselves in a difficult situation as they may not understand...

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