Mass Shooting in Atlanta

Alexis Gero and Aiden O'Connor

On May 3rd of 2023, the 192nd mass shootings this year occurred. Deion Patterson, who was a U.S. Coast Guard veteran, is suspected of fatally shooting a woman and wounding four others in a medical waiting room in Atlanta.

Deion Patterson was seeking treatment around noon on Wednesday at the Northside Medical Midtown facility because he was unhappy with his care from the Department of Veterans Affairs, but when doctors would not provide him with the anti-anxiety drug he got angry, pulled out a gun, and began firing. Five people were shot during this shooting with one person dying and four more being left in critical condition in the hospital. 38-year-old Amy St. Pierre, a mom of two, was the only victim to be shot and killed during this horrible event. At 12:08pm, the police were called, but by the time they arrived, the shooter had fled the scene and a search began. Deion Patterson ran to a nearby gas station and stole a pickup truck. As the search stretched out later and later, Deion Patterson was finally found by a resident of a private condo complex after she had seen him hiding in the pool area. She then called the police and after a chase they caught him and arrested him.