Mass Shooting in Texas

Alexis Gero and Aiden O'Connor

The state of Texas has had a large amount of the mass shootings that we have seen in the United States. Over the last fourteen years, Texas has seen nine mass shootings. In the same week of the Atlanta shooting, there was a shooting in a mall in Allen, Texas. 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia was the man who opened fire in this mall Saturday, May 6th. During this shooting, Mauricio Garcia killed eight people and wounded at least seven others. As soon as the first couple of shots were fired, people evacuated the mall as quickly as possible by finding exits or running into the stores which were offering help and safety. The authorities did not discover a motive for this atrocious event, but Mauricio Garcia will never be able to hurt an innocent person ever again. Nobody knows why there has been an increase in mass shootings; all we do know is that something must be done to keep people safe from these horrible people. Throughout just this year there have already been 202 mass shootings in the United States and that is 202 too many.