The Andrew Tate Scandal

Madeline Beatty, Staff Writer

The internet has been talking nonstop about the scandal revolving around the influencer Andrew Tate, and the Twitter drama he had with climate activist Greta Thunberg (who is most notable for speaking at the UN). Recently, Tate and his brother were arrested in Romania for rape and human trafficking – accused of setting up a crime ring with the purpose of forcing victims to create pornography. This was shortly after he posted a video on Twitter. They are currently detained in Romania and will be for at least thirty days. This means that the U.S. cannot pardon them. 

If you don’t know about Andrew Tate, he is considered the “King of Toxic Masculinity.” He is the owner of an online pyramid scheme, Hustler’s University.

Though I couldn’t find the full Twitter thread, I did manage to find some screenshots from the chat. Andrew Tate contacted Greta through Twitter by @ing her in a post, where he states the number of cars he had, insinuating that they each respectively produced tons of harmful emissions. He requested that she send him her email as a way of trolling her. She responded with “yes, please do enlighten me. Email me at smalld*[email protected]” an epic comeback to say the least. They then went on to argue for a little longer, until Tate sent her a video of himself with a pizza box, talking about how he wasn’t going to recycle it. This is where the Twitter thread and his arrest tie together. At the time of this argument, Tate was already on the run and wanted for his crimes. The police were looking for him and had yet to find him until he posted the video with the pizza box. Many hypothesized that it was the pizza box that got him caught. This was not confirmed by the Romanian police. 

Now, at the current moment, who knows what will become of the Tate brothers. Hopefully, justice will be served.