Climate Change

Abby Cobb, Senior Editor-in-Chief

When we think of the winter months in Berkshire County, we think of high amounts of snow covering the ground and the trees. The first thing you would see when you look out your window would be the vastness of white surrounding you, accompanied by large, sharp icicles hanging from all available edges. 

However, as we enter almost the middle of February, we see none of that. Instead of inches of snow sticking onto the ground, there is just mud mixed into the grass, as well as above-freezing temperatures, making snow difficult to come by.

The reason that this is occurring is because of climate change. With our globe heating, the areas that we live in are beginning to rise in temperature, making typically colder areas like Berkshire Country, warmer.

If we want our snow to return, we must act on climate change immediately. We should begin to practice recycling, use less energy, and try our best to switch to green power. If we do this, it will help our environment, and bring back our snow.