Light Up the Holidays

Lily Hinton, Section Editor

Light Up the Holidays is an annual celebration that is set up on the streets of Dalton. The streets are lined with candles in paper bags to light the way for the attendees. Several performances and forms of entertainment are featured. For example, the Dalton Ballet Studio performs many dances at the CRA, additionally, the bands from our local elementary, middle, and high schools play at various locations, and the chorus sings as well. There is also an art exhibit from Wahconah students on display. And if anyone finds themselves in need of a snack, there are snacks and various foods sold by local businesses in town.

There are festive lights and decorations all along the front yard of the CRA. Businesses across the street also decorate their front doors and windows with wreaths and other festive decorations. Towards the end of the festivities, there’s a tree lighting on the front steps of the CRA. Santa comes with elves and everyone gathers around the steps. Light Up the Holidays is a fun night for people of all ages and is perfect for getting into the holiday spirit.