Test Optional


Julie Alsmaan, Staff Writer

Because of COVID, colleges have taken a lot of new approaches to the college application process. Most prominently, they have switched to Test Optional approaches in the application process. This means that most colleges are not requiring their applicants to submit the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) or the ACT (American College Testing). Most colleges have taken this approach, including notable colleges like Harvard, Brown, Boston University, Stanford, and Cornell.

While it is clear that many colleges will remain optional through the class of 2023, some colleges have decided to remain test optional through further dates, some extending to 2024, and Harvard even remaining test optional until 2026. While this is exciting, it is good to check and make sure that the colleges one is thinking of applying to truly are test-optional for application. Some colleges have test-optional applications, however, you could use the test scores to earn merit scholarships, so it is always good to fact-check the college first. As of now though, most colleges seem to be holding onto the test-optional option for another few years.