Book review (Why you shouldn’t read Plato’s Republic)

Madeline Beatty, StaffWriter

“The Republic” by Plato. This was probably one of the worst books I have ever read. It was dense, and the footnotes were very unhelpful. Now, I like to think I’m a good reader and I can comprehend complex text without much issue, yet I had to look up many video explanations of the book to understand many of the parts. That was until I realized that the book was much like Shakespeare- you don’t really have to understand every line, just the general idea. Now this realization made reading a little easier. That is until you realize that every point is drawn out so much that you forget what you’re reading about.

Nevertheless, the concepts were interesting. I was interested in the ideas that were presented as someone who enjoys philosophy, but the book was boring and the writing was difficult to read–this is because of the time it was written, and the multiple translations. All in all, if you’re looking for something complex and boring, then read The Republic. 

3/10, Not for the faint of mind