OBX Season 3 Review

Includes spoilers


Addison Lee, Staffwriter

Outer Banks season three aired on February 23rd and since then, it has been streamed over 150 million hours. This season starts with the Pogues, John B (Chase Stokes), JJ Maybank (Rudy Pankow), Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), Kiara Carrera (Madison Bailey), Pope Haywards (Jonathan Davis), and Cleo (Carlacia Grant) stranded on a desert island. At the end of season two, we watched the group find this island, and now we learn about their time spent there. After around one month, the Pogues are rescued- or so they thought. Once inside the airplane, they realize that the pilot is working with Ward Cameron (Charles Esten). While most of the group can sneak away when their plane crashes into the ocean, Kiara stays back to help the pilot and ultimately is kidnapped. Kiara is then brought to a large mansion where she and Rafe Cameron (Drew Starkey) meet Carlos Singh (Andy McQueen). Singh is looking for the lost city of El Dorado and he thinks these two can help him. This introduces the treasure hunt of the season. 

Once Kiara escapes and meets up with the rest of the Pogues, they try to get back home. However, John B is held back when he hears a bell that his father used to play for him. The group is forced to split up with John B stuck in Barbados and the others on their way back to OBX. John B then finds his father and meets up with everyone else in OBX. Then the Pogues decide that they want to search for El Dorado. In the middle of the season, it feels like the group splits. John B and his father, Big John (Charles Halford), are working together to look for El Dorado. Sarah is rekindling old connections, while trying to figure out where she belongs. Kiara is sent off to boarding school, where JJ eventually saves her and they share an intimate moment. Pope and Cleo are working. 

I wish the Pogues had more screen time together this season; I think splitting them up for most of the season was a mistake, and it changed the normal structure of the show. When they do finally meet up again they are in South America. John B, Big John, and Sarah are on the hunt for El Dorado. While Kiara, JJ, Pope, and Cleo are trying to find the others. After the treasure is found, they run into each other in the jungle. Many threats are made, lives are sacrificed, and the gold from El Dorado never makes it out. 

Then there is an 18-month time jump. The Pogues are back home at a ceremony celebrating their accomplishment of finding El Dorado. The scene ends with a stranger starting a conversation with the Pogues about Blackbear. Most viewers were disappointed with the time jump because we missed moments of the new couples together, JJ and Kiara, along with Pope and Cleo.

Overall the season was action-packed, full of romance, and emotional.