Baby Animals at Hancock Shaker Village!!


Born in last March, these twins are resting with mom in the sun!

Sydney Moriarty, Junior Editor-in-Chief

A local museum called Hancock Shaker Village is known for being “a living history museum in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts” which “brings the Shaker story to life and preserves it for future generations.” Although it is a historical museum, it is also the oldest working farm in the county and with working farms come baby animals!

From April 15th – May 7th of this year, come down to Hancock Shaker Village to see the baby animals. Open daily from 11am to 4 pm, they have many baby animals including calves, lambs, kids (baby goats), piglets, and even chicks. The picture to the side of this story includes some of the baby animals that you can go and visit! 

Find more information about where you can visit these adorable babies at 2023 Baby Animals Festival – Hancock Shaker Village