Western Mass Hilltown Hikers

Hannah Burrows, Staff Writer

Do you enjoy hiking or being outdoors? Or even learning about hidden artifacts in your area? Well, the Western Mass Hilltown Hikers do! They’re a group of people who enjoy being outside no matter the weather or the day.

They had a great start to their new year. They went on a celebratory hike at Sanderson Brook Falls on New Year’s Day and were then featured on a radio station and news article for the first hike of the year! They hike all sorts of trails around Western Massachusetts. For some trails they hike, they will have a park ranger or guide with them, taking them to see something not many people can discover on their own. These hikers have seen abandoned caves and mine shafts that have been in the area for decades. You can always explore their adventures and upcoming hikes through their Facebook page (@westernmasshilltownhikers).

If you or someone you know enjoy this kind of adventure, get out there and explore with them!