Empty Bowls

Aidan Garcia, Junior Editor

When we think of poverty and hunger, we tend to think of geographically troubled areas or locations where it is common to find people struggling, often living on the sides of the street. But in reality, food insecurity affects every community. It is often that people struggle to afford a meal, let alone a bowl of food, and especially during December, one of the most expensive months of the year (from both climate and the holidays), a person’s already limited budget can decrease exponentially. Though, thanks to our Wahconah National Honor Society and their Empty Bowls advent, people in our community can receive help.

The Empty Bowls project is a fundraiser that Wahconah’s chapter of the National Honors Society started. Its goal is to raise money for local food pantries and distribution centers. The event consists of a large dinner at Wahconah’s Main Street to spread awareness about food insecurity. The tickets for the Empty Bowls raise money for those who cannot afford food. In this way, Empty Bowls is a win for the attendees and the people who cannot buy a ticket.

The dinner will also involve a raffle and a showing of handmade artisan bowls. Local craftspeople will be constructing their own artistic contribution for the dinner, hence the name, Empty Bowls. They are designed with care to benefit people in need and are perfect gifts for the holidays with a great source!

NHS members will be working hard to cook up and provide the best food possible for the generous contributors of the event. In addition, the local restaurants and small businesses will be donating a selection of their food to add to the feast. National Honors Society started Empty Bowls to directly help those with food insecurity, and in the process, raised immense awareness about a serious problem that we or our neighbors may have. More and more people are learning about food insecurity and are starting to contribute more than just buying their tickets. The Berkshires have always been a festive area around the holidays and it is important to allow all of our people to enjoy a time of giving and receiving.

If you want to contribute to Empty Bowls or a local Food Pantry, you can simply talk to a National Honors Society member or advisor. Or you can get in contact with a local food pantry. The churches in Dalton provide food services, so a quick stop-in or call is an easy way to see how you can contribute! But, if none of these options seem right for you, attending Empty Bowls is also a great option, especially if you are into big gatherings of friends, family, and community members. It’s a great way to come together and celebrate the holidays by bonding over great food! The best part is, your contributions will allow some of the less fortunate to have food this winter, and to them, that is one of the greatest gifts you can give, and for them to receive.