Meet Our Sophomores: Jaiden Ruiz

Sydney Moriarty, Junior Editor-in-Chief

“I grew up in Massachusetts, but I don’t want to go to college here. I am not good at science, so I don’t want to go to college for that. I play video games, so maybe I would go to college for tech. I want to travel a lot before college. A couple of years ago, I went to Texas and that was cool. If I got the opportunity to travel with my career, I would go to California, Florida, Jamaica, France, and Italy. It would give me a better sense of the world to pick a career.

I like music, specifically hip-hop and rap. I like the diversity in music, and I am definitely looking for something more diverse than Wahconah for college. I like Berkshire County; it’s kind of small, but it’s not the worst place ever. I can’t imagine myself living here my whole life, but I want to finish high school here.

School is important to me. I am not very good at it right now, but it’s important. For electives, I take General Art. I like painting. I like basketball too, but I got cut from the team. I am going to try out every year until I get on the team. I like football too but only to watch. My favorite team is the Patriots, and for basketball, I like the Celtics.

The most life-changing experience was moving to Dalton from Framingham. I was fourteen when I moved. The worst thing I did was not try in school. If I try harder now, I’ll do way better in school. If there were one thing in the world I could change, it would be racism. I want to live in a world where everyone is treated equally.”