Meet Our Seniors: Gabby Martin

“Happiness is found in other peoples’ joy.”

Sydney Moriarty, Junior Editor-in-Chief

¨Right now, I’m in Robotics, and I used to do a lot of sports. I want to use robotics in the future. I want to go to MCLA for computer science and become either a robotics engineer or a software engineer.

The past few years, I’ve progressed a lot in my mental health. I have started to get a lot of A’s and stuff in my classes. I know a lot of people said that COVID was like a really bad time in their life, and there were some really bad times, but it kind of gave me a chance to step away from everything going on and help myself. I met a lot of really awesome people during the quarantine. I met my girlfriend. So what’s the most life-changing experience, I think? I think it was actually last year and likely like what I just said. I got a job last year, and I started therapy.

The most important thing to me is my family and making people happy. My favorite thing about myself is I can make other people laugh, and I make people happy. I’ve matured in the last few years, and I’m looking at college. I’m actually putting effort into school, which I wasn’t for a while, and I’m looking for an apartment. I’m looking for a second job that is different from my office job so I can get more experience. I just answer phones, and I’m so busy with work, I want to really connect with people.

Ultimately, I want to be either doing programming for big companies like Google or even NASA would be really cool, not attainable, but would be really cool. I want to be the next Tony Stark. I don’t know; it’s just I feel like I’ve always worried about what I’m going to do because I’ve always thought when you pick something, that’s what you do, that’s what you’re doing until you die. But that’s not it like that; Mrs. Verteck did rocket stuff and then became a teacher. I always wanted to be a teacher when I was younger, so I would kind of like if I ever did make enough money where I could quit, I would become a teacher. I don’t want to dread going to work every morning.”