Trails in Berkshire County

Aidan Garcia, Junior Editor in Chief

Now that spring is here, many nature enthusiasts, hikers, walkers, and runners are looking for new places to explore. Luckily, in Berkshire County, the trails are not that far away. The Berkshires are home to numerous natural beauties and things to look at while you hike. We have the Appalachian Trail, Housatonic river, Mount Greylock, and several other views that many trails will provide. There are tons of trails in the Berkshires. Here are a few lesser-known locations for you to check out this spring!

  1. Clam River – found in Sandisfield, Massachusetts – features a beautiful winding river that is only highlighted by the growing vegetation in spring! Along the river, you will find large river rocks, old foundations, and natural takeover in the river. It is best enjoyed in warm weather so hikers can dip in and out of the river. There are trails 1.5, 1.6, and 3 miles long.
  2. Hoosac Range – Found in North County, the Hoosac mountain range features many hiking opportunities. The mountains in our area are old and flattened at the top. This allows hikers to experience views and long walks on the tops of the mountains. On these trails, hikers can find exposed rocks that the glaciers carved out when they deposited on the range during the ice age. The trails 1.6 – 6 miles long, will show views of Adams, North Adams, and Mount Greylock that are especially nice in the spring!
  3. Mahanna Cobble – A 3.2 miles out and back hike in Pittsfield is the ideal spot for sunrises. George’s Bench sits on a hill facing East toward the mountains. From here, hikers can watch the sunrise over Pittsfield.
  4. Right in our backyard, the Boulders of Dalton and Pittsfield feature 1.4, 2.4, and 2.8 mile trails up to the top, where there are some very large boulders! At the top, hikers can see views of Pittsfield and the surrounding businesses. The coolest thing about this hike is that it can be accessed from Taco Bell, 2 Gulf Road, or the cemetery entrances!
  5. Basin Pond in Lee holds a gorgeous wetland hike that travels 2.5 miles around the pond and surrounding fields. Basin Pond is a great place to take little kids as they will enjoy the stream crossings and the fields with boulders to safely climb on!
  6. Steven’s Glen in West Stockbridge features a hike through a canyon on a raised platform. A short 1.5-mile round trip takes hikers through 19th-century tourist attractions that have been revived for modern hiking. It is especially beautiful in the spring when the local plants and moss are blooming!
  7. Olivia’s Overlook is a very popular view in Lenox, but what people don’t know is that it features a few hikes around the ridge! With hikes from 0.9 to 3.2 miles, the Overlook shows even more views as you find your way over the ridge. On the hike, you will reach the three town point, where you can stand in Lenox, Stockbridge, and Richmond at the same time!

These are just a few hiking locations for spring in the Berkshires. Mount Greylock, Monument Mountain, and the Appalachian Trail are among the most popular hikes, but to introduce new ones, we uncovered the hidden gems in this list. We hope you get out and explore this spring and see what our county has to offer!