Swim Team

Abigail Cobb, Senior Editor-in-Chief

The 2022-2023 Wahconah Swim Team season has begun! Our team has been hard at work practicing for a large number of meets during the season as they swim nearly every weekday. 

Though the team had a rocky start, they are beginning to make a comeback, as the last two meets have ended in a successful win for both our boys’ and girls’ teams. The members have been trying extremely hard to bring down their times and beat their records, but most importantly, beating the competition. 

The Swim Team has multiple different strokes that the swimmers can compete in, as races can vary from freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. The team practices doing every stroke each day to ensure that when it comes to meets, they will be flexible and fast in all areas and are able to do whatever race their coach throws at them. 

But the Swim Team is not always about hard work. Our team also builds friendships and connections with each other. The team works hard to feel like a family which is why we do fun activities like secret Santa, cheer each other on no matter what, and even send ridiculous memes back and forth in our group chat. That is the best part about the Swim Team: you are not just joining a sport, you are joining a family. 

If you are interested in watching any of our meets, please check out the Wahconah weekly athletics post and make plans to attend! And if you’re interested in swimming, I highly recommend it! Not only is it fun, but you also make lifelong friends because of it.